Mackinac Island Refuge book cover

#Historical Christian #Adult Fiction

Mackinac Island Refuge

#Historical Christian  #Adult Fiction

How could a godly pastor have a secret life with a wife and two daughters no one knew about?

Kristy is determined to find the answer to her great-grandfather’s past.

In 1940, Willow Anderson flees her abusive stepfather and takes refuge on Mackinac Island as a hostess at Grand Hotel. There she is blindsided by events beyond her control.

Rob Allen, a student at Wheaton College studying to be a pastor, spends the summer at his family’s cottage on Mackinac Island. Infatuated by the beautiful hostess at Grand Hotel, he knows she is not the wife a pastor needs.

In the present day, Kristy Allen has just completed a horrendous year teaching seventh-grade English. She summers at her family’s cottage on Mackinac Island where Aunt Kathy has unearthed some alarming details about Great-Grandpa Rob Allen from an ancestry website. Although forbidden to pursue it, Kristy simply must know what really happened.

This is a Christian, dual-timeline, stand-alone novel.

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