Sunnyside Hill book cover

#Historical Christian #Adult Fiction

Sunny Side Hill

#Historical Christian #Adult Fiction

Could he sacrifice the love of his life for an obligation?

When his missing sister returns home with seven-year-old daughter, Ruthie, John Sheridan, bank vice president in Rochester, New York, must keep the secret from his dearest friend, or reputations will be shattered.

Claire Larson has always dreamed of being a pastor's wife, but one week before graduation from Houghton Seminary in 1911, her plan unravels. Struggling for direction, she takes a summer job tutoring Ruthie at John Sheridan's Sunnyside Hill. Now she must keep the secret too.

This is a stand-alone third book in the Tour of Mansions series, imaginary stories taking place in real mansions open to the public. This setting is Sonnenberg Gardens in Canandaigua, New York.