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#Historical Christian #Children's Fiction

Susanna of Beaver Lodge

#Historical Christian #Children's Fiction

Thump. Bump. Crash.

Something rolled in the kitchen below. Susanna was terrified. The drunk tramp who had rescued them from the blizzard was ruining Beaver Lodge. And Christmas was only one week away.

Prohibition whiskey is still in the cellar when Susanna's family moves into Beaver Lodge in 1939. Her plan to get rid of it as a Christmas surprise for her parents is spoiled by a blizzard, one-year-old twin sisters, and a tramp loose in the house.

This is the first book in the Beaver Lodge Legacy Series based on my mother and her four sisters growing up in the 1940's in a wonderful country home called Beaver Lodge with wrap-around porches both upstairs and down.

Look below to see pictures of Beaver Lodge.