The Charleston Earthquake of 1886 book cover

#Historical Christian #Adult Fiction

The Charleston Earthquake
of 1886, a Novel

#Historical Christian  #Adult Fiction

Two women. A widower who vows never to remarry. And the most devastating earthquake in Charleston’s history.

Gracie Taylor longs to escape the struggling family plantation in Summerville, South Carolina. Her wish comes true when the earthquake of 1886 forces them to evacuate to Columbia, South Carolina. Her family is taken in by Austin Grant, a handsome widower still mourning his dead wife after five years.

Living in Charleston, Miriam Kingsley has been in love with Austin Grant, her brother’s best friend, since she was young. Unfortunately, Austin married her best friend, Emily. Now that Emily is dead and Austin is coming to Charleston to help rebuild after the earthquake, Miriam hopes he will finally notice her.

But Austin Grant has no intention of ever marrying again. Can anything…or anyone…change his mind?

Dedicated to:

Hannah Larson Ngaihte
July 14, 1991- December 30, 2021
Hannah Larson