The Chautauqua Belles book cover

#Historical Christian #Adult Fiction

The Chautauqua Belles

#Historical Christian #Adult Fiction

From a mansion on Buffalo's Delaware Avenue to the shores of idyllic Chautauqua, the secrets of a beautiful Victorian maid are best left hidden.

After the death of both parents and the sale of the farm, eighteen-year-old Rebecca Galloway is hired as a parlor maid in the Eaton's Buffalo mansion in 1885. Her life becomes a nightmare with a secret so awful that she prays no one will find out. But it can't stay hidden, and the consequences are not what anyone expected.

The Chautauqua Belles is a stand-alone first book in The Tour of Mansions series, imaginary stories that take place in real mansions that are open to the public. This book features:

  • the Fenton Mansion in Jamestown, New York (the model for the Eaton mansion)
  • the Wilcox Mansion on Delaware Avenue in Buffalo
  • the Hotel Athenaeum at the Chautauqua Institution

Look below to see pictures of the actual locations.