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#Historical Christian #Adult Fiction

The Easterly House

#Historical Christian #Adult Fiction

A laundress? How could she be a laundress? She had never done laundry in her life.

Yet after a family tragedy in 1908, kindergarten teacher Julia Bradshaw takes a humble summer job as a laundress for wealthy bachelor David Easterly. She has always been obsessed with seeing inside his beautiful mansion in Rochester, New York. But will her obsession become her undoing?

David Easterly's life is orderly, just the way he likes it, until he meets a beautiful woman at his Christmas Eve party. Will her secrets become his undoing too?

The Easterly House is a stand-alone second book in The Tour of Mansions series, imaginary stories that take place in real mansions that are open to the public. This book takes place at the George Eastman House in Rochester, New York.

Look below to see pictures of the actual location.