The Hideout book cover

#Contemporary Christian #Children's Fiction

The Hideout

#Contemporary Christian #Children's Fiction

Now what would they do?

They couldn't go home, not with the cops sitting on their steps waiting for them. They needed a place to hide-- a good place, for it might be for a long, long time.

Zach looked around the big, clean, carpeted room. It was much nicer than home. Why couldn’t they hide out here? Besides, no one would ever think of looking for them in a church!

Abandoned by their mother, the Fleming kids run out of food and steal from the corner grocery store. To avoid being caught by the owner, they hop on a Sunday school bus. Whisked off to church, they discover the perfect place to hide.

This book takes place at the Elgin Bible Church in Elgin, Illinois.

Look below to see pictures of the actual location.