The Red Brick School book cover

#Historical Christian #Adult Fiction

The Red Brick School

#Historical Christian  #Adult Fiction

Sarah never intended to betray her sister. Never. But it just happened, and it changed everything.

In 1904, Sarah Whitman is a teacher at The Red Brick School in Lewiston, New York. Her sweet, younger sister Annie unintentionally attracts suitors, and Sarah takes it upon herself to interfere in Annie’s life with devastating consequences.

In 1957, kindergarten teacher Cathy Cook finds a turn-of-the-century photo and an engagement ring in her desk at The Red Brick School. Her quest is to find the rightful owner and return the ring. Helping her is Todd Barrett who looks just like one of the young men in the picture.

This is a dual-timeline, stand-alone, Christian historical novel that takes place in the real small town of Lewiston, New York.

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