Proverbs: Wisdom for Today's Kids, book cover

#Children's Nonfiction   #Devotional

Proverbs: Wisdom for Today's Kids
A Phil & Ashley Devotional

#Children's Nonfiction   #Devotional

Proverbs gives timeless wisdom in knowing right from wrong and is full of practical suggestions for how to live life God’s way.

Designed for third-sixth graders, this book looks at one or more verses from each chapter in Proverbs. Through Phil and Ashley stories, God’s truth is illustrated in situations kids might encounter in their own lives. Each story is followed by questions to think about the story, the verse, and how to apply it.

It can be used in family devotions, as a 31-day personal Quiet Time devotional, or in a classroom setting for homeschoolers, Christian school, Sunday school, or junior church.